Good Daily Habits That You Can Start Today


List of Good Habits to Have

Good Daily Healthy Habits To Have That You Can Start Today

Good or bad, our lives are made up a series of habits.  And it’s so true that you are the sum of your habits. What you do each and every day is what you will become.

Take a look at the most successful people that you know, and you will see that they are made up of lot of “little” good habits.  A series of goods habits that roll one after another all through the day.

From what you eat, to how much you move, these habits will determine how successful you are at keeping weight off and staying healthy.

You probably have some bad habits, but then there are those habitual behaviors which are also extremely positive in nature. As much as 45% of human behavior is habitual, so it makes sense to establish as many good habits in your life as possible.

Once you start to acquire good daily habits you will be amazed at how quickly your life will change around to be more positive.

Self-control is so much of the key to happiness and is required to form good daily habits.

How does one learn stronger self-control?  Practice!

Some of these suggestions are daily and some of them weekly.  Either way, these are good habits to start so your life can be as happy and fulfilling as possible.

Ok let’s get going and change your life for the better.  Start out slowly and pick a few habits to work on that seem doable for you.

Here is a list of good habits that you can start to develop today:

1. Drink lemon water when you first wake up.

2. Eat a healthy well-balanced breakfast including vegetables, protein, carbs and fat.

3. Get up a half hour earlier than you need to so you can have some quality time for yourself.

4. Take a 20 minute walk in the morning.  If you don’t have time then try for 10 minutes.

5. Clear your kitchen sink of dishes and make it shine every evening and every morning.

5. Eat a green salad every day and load it up with vegetables.

6.  Don’t say negative things.  Watch what you say for one whole day and delete anything negative before it even comes out of your mouth.

7. Join a hiking group and learn how to hike.   Health benefits of hiking in the woods

8. Never Ever look at your phone when you are talking with someone.  (It’s rude)

9. Buy yourself an outfit that makes you feel “snazzy”  and feel good wearing it.

10. Listen to your favorite music while doing nothing else.

11. Read!  And read some more!  Always keep a good book next to your bed.

12. Limit the amount of TV that you watch every day.  Do more of number 11 instead.

13. Drink more water throughout the day.

14. Learn the following word and don’t forget to use it.  No

15. Eat fruit.

16. Eat vegetables.

17. Never drink anything with sugar in it… nothing.

18. Don’t get in other people’s business.

19. Never let one person ruin your day.

20. Wear socks that you love and that feel good.

21. Call a close friend.

22. Always remember – “A smile and a kind word goes a long way.”

23. Declutter your house. Start small and work your way up. Read declutter your life

24. Walk at lunch every day instead of sitting.

25. Seek out and make friends with POSITIVE people.

26. Don’t complain.   (See if you can go one day.)

27. Learn to cook with healthy spices.

28. Plan all your meals for one week with no cheating and no eating out.

29. Eat Clean for 5 days.

30. Try no phone and no emails for one hour.

31. Eat a healthy green every morning for breakfast. (Spinach!)

32. Eat more eggs.

33. Don’t eat any sugar.

34. Smile more often.

35.  Keep a food journal for 3 days.

36. Eat more brown rice vs. white

37. Eat a banana and an apple

38. Call a friend and schedule a walk.

39. Sit down for 5 minutes in the quiet and drink a cup of healthy tea

40. Work on your posture.

41. Create a warm and friendly space in your house that makes you feel warm & safe.

42. Take an evening walk.

43. Go to church

44. Lift weights in the morning before work.

45. Stop watching “bad” TV.  And you know what we mean!

46. Go to bed early so you can get up early and get more done.

47. Take good care of your teeth. Learn how to brush properly and floss even if you don’t feel like it.

48. Don’t overdo the drinking.  Drink small amounts here and there.

49. Get a good massage to work out any knots.

50.  Learn to manage stress better.

51. Learn to manage your time wisely.   See and reread #14.

52. Drink more healthy tea.  See ->  Be Well Teas – Best Teas to Drink for Good Health

52. Split meals with someone when eating out. Portion sizes are huge and we only need half as much.

53. Be your own best friend and treat yourself well. Stop the madness of comparing yourself to other people.

54. Open up a savings account.

55. Clip coupons.

56. Take an online class.

57. Play with your children.

58. Take a lavender bubble bath.

59. Compliment your coworker and really mean it. If you don’t have a coworker then compliment a stranger.

60. Buy a coloring book and color for a few minutes every day.

61. Don’t use a salt shaker.

62. Don’t eat soup from a can.

63. Get 10,000 Steps a Day! Wear a FitBit!   – Benefits of having a FitBit

64. Eat an apple a day!  Healthy Apples

65. Eat berries twice a week.

66. Use a New Healthy Spice.

67. Go Meatless on “Meatless Mondays.”

68. Floss Twice a Day.

69. Watch Less TV.

70. Read and Understand your Food Labels.



73. Walk at Lunch.



Saying No is One of The Best Habits to Have

Learn to Say No!


5 of our Favorite “Simple Habits” That Will Improve Your Life

Here are 5 simple habits which can lead to improvements and achievement in several areas of your life.

1 – Start Your Day Earlier

Significant research shows the benefits of rising early. Your brain and body become healthier and stronger, goal achievement and productivity are enhanced, and career success is more likely. Get to bed earlier, get plenty of rest, and start your day earlier for better life results, both physical and mental.

good habit of sleep

2 – Drink More Water

While the old “8 glasses of 8 ounces of water” tradition has not been proven beneficial, one thing is certain. Many people these days do not get enough water into their bodies. This means eating more water-filled food, and drinking water throughout the day. Just listen to your body. When you are thirsty, drink some water.

good habit of drinking more water

3 – Establish an Exercise Routine, and Stick to It

Good Habits lead to better health

Exercising just 3 days a week, for 30 to 40 minutes, can have life-changing results. Exercise has been linked to mental and physical health and well-being. If this means simply taking a walk or a jog, get up and get moving, and do it regularly.

4 – Start Cooking Your Own Meals at Home

In the 21st century there is research that shows how fit you are mentally and physically is directly related to the types of food you eat. This means less restaurant and “to go” foods, and preparing healthier meals at home. Since as much as 60% to 70% of your health and well-being is tied to nutrition, start cooking more of your own meals, and eat out less often.  Don’t forget to start your day off with a healthy breakfast.

Healthy breakfast is a good habit to form

5 – Establish Keystone Habits

Some habits can have a much greater impact than others. They seem innocent enough, but can lead to powerful transformations in ways you may not realize. Making your bed each morning doesn’t seem like much of a big deal. However, research shows this simple behavior gets your entire day started in a more productive manner. The same thing happens when you establish exercise, good nutrition or any other simple, daily action as a habit that becomes the key to bigger and better achievements.

One small new healthy habit formed can trigger even more healthy habits so pick one small change and turn it into a habit. Start with small and build from there.

If you’re not sure where to start as far as becoming more active, start off by taking a 5 minute walk everyday and then working your way up to 30 minutes per day.

If you’re not sure where to start with eating healthier, start by changing your breakfast on the weekends to nothing but healthy foods.

If you’re serious about making changes then join a group. Researchers have proven that change is even more successful when we have the power of a group behind us.

Small healthy habits nurture will-power and we need to strengthen will-power to get our healthy habits started.