For When You Are Trying To Get A Little Healthier


Resource for when you are trying to get a little healthier

Here are some great articles to read when you are trying to get a little healthier. Small steps can really add up to huge healthy accomplishments.

Why Water is Important

Young woman drinking  glass of water
Why Water is Important and The Best Way to Drink Water The Human Body Needs Water for Good Heatlh so Drink Your Way to Better Health - Become a Water Warrior! What makes up 75% of the earth and about 60% of humans? Right, water! The benefits of water are always sung from the highest rooftops, yet many people don’t ... ....... Continue

The Paleo Diet Book

The Paleo Diet Book and Paleo Slow Cooker Cookbook Practical Paleo - 2nd Edition (Updated and Expanded): A Customized Approach to Health and a Whole-Foods Lifestyle Diet Book Want to start on your way to a healthier way of eating? To get started - This is one of the best Paleo Diet Books you can purchase. Read about it more ... ....... Continue

Cooking Healthy

cooking healthy
How to Cook and Eat Healthy for a Healthier You! If there was one thing you could do starting right now to be a healthier you, it would be learning how to cook healthy! America has a love affair with fat and sugar, which is reflected in our preference for fast food and processed meals - and in our waistlines ... ....... Continue

How Many Calories Can You Burn By Walking

Woman walking on a path. (Fitness concept)
How Many Calories Can You Burn By Walking? Walking has become the exercise of the century and just about everyone can do it. It burns calories, fights depression, and surprisingly has a large array of health benefits. But just how many calories does it burn? Well that depends. Walking one mile, or between 2,000 and 2,500 steps, burns about 80 ... ....... Continue

Meal Prep Lunch Bags

Have Greater Success With Dieting and Clean Eating using Meal Prep Lunch Bags and Make Your Life just So Much Easier! Easily Stay on Track - Meal Prep Lunch Bags are for those that want to have success with eating healthy, clean eating and and weight loss. These simple-to-use lunch bags help make sticking to your healthy plan so much ... ....... Continue

Eat Better Feel Better

Eat Better - Feel Better Want to start doing something that will make you feel physically and emotionally better almost immediately? Start eating better! A healthy diet is key to feeling better and having a healthy full life. It only takes moments to decide to change your health for the better. Once you've made the decision for a healthier life, ... ....... Continue

3 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think

3 Foods That Aren’t as Healthy as You Think Let's end some of the myths about so called "healthy" foods. Always keep in mind the bottom line. Food companies and advertisers want to make money selling you foods. Companies are sneaky in the way they advertise their food products as “healthy”. They usually promote the healthy part while leaving out ... ....... Continue

Health Benefits of Hiking in the Woods

What Are The Health Benefits of Hiking in the Woods? Want an exercise routine you can actually stick to? Want to burn calories and relieve stress at the same time? Start hiking! It's a healthy addiction, it's free, and it burns a lot of calories. When we step away from our hectic lives and go experience something beautiful, a calming ... ....... Continue

How to Stay Young and Healthy

10 Great Tips on How to Stay Young and Healthy and Feeling Really Good Recent research has indicated that the old saying "you are as young as you feel," could very well turn out to be true. Stop and think right now about how young do you feel? If you are feeling a bit older than you would like, keep ... ....... Continue

What Books to Read to Get Started on Good Health

5 of the Best Healthy Books and Cookbooks to Read to Get you Started on The Path to Good Health A poor diet and poor nutrition can make you feel tired all of the time and sap you of your your energy. In order to do our best, we need to feel our best every day. So if you are ... ....... Continue

Good Daily Habits That You Can Start Today

healthy habits
Good Daily Healthy Habits To Have That You Can Start Today Good or bad, our lives are made up a series of habits. And it's so true that you are the sum of your habits. What you do each and every day is what you will become. Take a look at the most successful people that you know, and you ... ....... Continue

Lifestyle Weight Loss

Lifestyle Weight Loss - Lose Weight Slowly and in a Healthy way to Keep it Off Forever! If you lose weight slowly as part of a healthy lifestyle you will keep it off forever! According to the CDC, more than one-third (36.5%) of U.S. adults are obese. and it's only on a trend to only get worse! This needs to ... ....... Continue

Examples of Healthy Family Foods

Healthy Family Foods - 10 Super Foods that Every Family Should be Eating! In order for you family to have a healthy lifestyle and provide your bodies with the vitamins and nutrients it needs, you should include 10 of the best known super foods into your weekly diet. Not only does each selection help build a strong and resistant system ... ....... Continue

How to Take Better Care of Your Heart

heart in hands - donation of love
How to Take Better Care of Your Heart and Have a Healthy Heart YOU JUST CAN'T BEAT A HEALTHY HEART! The health of your heart is so important in life and a healthy heart is the direct result of a healthy lifestyle. Hopefully, the following information will help you learn how to have a healthy heart for the rest of ... ....... Continue

Eating Healthy For Life

Eating Healthy For Life By now we all know that a healthy diet is important for a well-functioning body. However, eating healthy isn't as restrictive or as confusing as people imagine. Food is the source of energy that we consume to provide nutritional support and has a direct impact on our physical health in every stage of life. Your food ... ....... Continue

Exercise Makes You a Happier Person

Exercise Makes you a Happier Person and Improves your Mood More and more evidence suggests that exercise can help ease the symptoms of both anxiety and depression leading to a happier and healthier you! Being inactive or sedentary is bad for your health and studies also show that along with bumping up your happiness level, regular exercise also helps to ... ....... Continue

Bad Effect of Watching TV

bad effects of watching too much TV
Bad Effects of Watching TV and the Healthy Benefits of Watching Less TV You probably watch too much television. That is a blanket statement, sure, but odds are it is right on target. The average person watches between 4 and 10 hours of TV each and every day. That is way too much, according to TV watching experts. The American ... ....... Continue

Drinking Water Filter

Drinking Water Filter For Safe Water at Home Go green and at the same time know your drinking water is safe! We all want our families to be safe, and more and more often you hear on the news about another town with compromised water, or yet another announcement of a "Precautionary Do-Not-Drink Advisory Issued After Water Tank Compromised." Is ... ....... Continue

Indoor Walking Exercise or House Walking

Woman Walking Up Stairs
Indoor Walking Exercise or House Walking as It's Called House Walking - Love it or hate it, it works! Healthy House Walking - Quick Tips To Staying Healthy Indoors Staying healthy and exercising is of course the best things we can do for our bodies. The problem though for many of us is that we either don't have the time, ... ....... Continue

We need to walk every day

woman and dog jogging
Why Walking is so Good For your Health Walking for Weight Management and Good Health. Walking Is The Perfect Low Impact Exercise and Important enough to Fit into your Daily Routine! If you haven’t exercised in a while, or are looking for something easy you can do every single day, give walking a try. Walking is the perfect low impact ... ....... Continue

Finding Healthy Balance in Life to Achieve Peace

Young sportive two girls are practicing yoga exercises in the studio
The Key to Finding Healthy Balance In Life To Achieve a State Of Peace Recently, the question of balance in regards to mental health and happiness has taken center stage in many circles of psychological research, with dozens of studies being conducted and published on the subject as companies and individuals alike have noticed that their chaotic lifestyle is not ... ....... Continue

Best Food Choices To Prevent Cancer

Best Food Choices To Prevent Cancer
Some of the Best & Healthiest Food Choices To Prevent Cancer What are some of the best food choices to prevent cancer and help our immune system? What are some of the healthiest foods on the planet? Far too many lives are negatively impacted by poor diets and it doesn't need to be that way. Some of the most delicious ... ....... Continue

5 Things That Will Positively Impact Your Health

things that have a positive impact on our health
5 Things That Will Positively Impact Your Health Learn more about things that will have a positive impact on your health, There are many things that impact your health, some positive and some negative. It's up to you to do all that you can to avoid the unhealthy ones. Of course, it won't always easy. Obstacles sometimes get in the ... ....... Continue

How Exercise Helps Rid Anxiety

How Exercise and Breathing Helps Reduce Anxiety Most people already understand that exercise is essential for superior physical, mental and emotional health. It can be especially beneficial for alleviating cases of anxiety that a person may experience. In fact, moderate exercise has been proven to have a rather significant effect on a person’s mood and anxiety. For example, exercise helps ... ....... Continue

Mindfulness for Better Health and Benefits of Mindfulness

benefits of mindfulness
Practicing Mindfulness for Better Health Many people know that achieving better health requires physical exercise and keeping your body running clean. On the flip side of the coin, your physical health is not the only important aspect of your overall health. We can also achieve better health and well being by exercising and cleansing our body through mindfulness. What Is ... ....... Continue

Black Tea with Lemon

Black Tea with Lemon
The Benefits of Drinking Black with Lemon At one time or another, everyone has had a cup of black tea. Tea enthusiasts drink tea to wake them up in the morning, while coffee drinkers may only choose tea when they are sick. Black tea benefits go far beyond the obvious and do hold a few surprises. Tea is traditionally low ... ....... Continue