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Dinner Planner  – 7 Day Family Meal Plan

You know you should be cooking at home more often, but coming up with weekly dinner ideas can be exhausting!

So what could be easier than a 7 day meal plan with delicious dinner ideas for the whole week?  Download our printable PDF for your family meal plan complete with shopping list and delicious recipes and see how easy your dinner hour can be! And best of all, all NORMAL foods!

Cooking from scratch is “the single most important thing we could do as a family to improve our health and general well-being” ~ Michael Pollan

New studies are out showing that the most important thing you can do for your health is to eat at home.

Good Health for You & Your Family –  it all Starts with Dinner!

Weekly meal planning is a great place to start if you want to make healthy changes that will give you and your family the greatest amount of benefits!

One of the most stressful feelings is having no idea what to prepare for dinner and then winding up at the drive thru window yet again!

Sound Familiar?  Well, we can help!

We all want to stay healthy and have home cooked meals on the table every night for dinner, but for many reasons this is difficult to do.

We hear you! It’s not that we don’t want to plan healthy meals, it’s just that life is hectic and who has the time to plan and cook meals every day with everything else we have to do?

Your Weekly Dinner Menu Planner from Dinner Delicious will help make meal time magic!  It will save your sanity and save you tons of money. We promise!

Just by using our printable weekly meal plans, you can significantly decrease the amount of money you are spending each month!


What You will Receive with our Family Meal Plans:

  • Weekly Dinner Menu
  • 7 Family Friendly Dinner Recipes
  • Grocery Shopping List
  • 1 easy dessert with recipe

Get your Free Sample Weekly Menu Planner Right Now and say YES to more home-cooked meals!

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Hi Everyone!  My name is Jenny and I prepare all the weekly menus for DinnerDelicious. I am a busy mother of 3 and I know how hard it is to keep up with the hectic busyness of life –  and then try to have home cooked meals on the table at the end of each day as well!

Who has time for all of that?  I know there are a lot of other parents that feel hectic as well!

Without a plan, dinner time can be stressful and plenty of drive-through food on the table.  This can get expensive and take a toll on health as well.

So I have created these meal plans to provide well-balanced meals that are easy to prepare and will give you your family dinner hour back!


The one thing I have always found to be most important is to sit down and have meals with my family. This is a great time to share about the  day and really connect.

When I catch a spare moment, I love to sew and spend time with our dog Annie.

Come along with us and see how much easier it is and how much money you can save when you eat at home.

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