CSA Program or Farm Share South Hills of Pittsburgh


CSA Program or Farm Share South Hills of Pittsburgh

CSA or Community Supported Agriculture Program – South Hills of Pittsburgh

I had the pleasure of attending the “What’s On Your Plate” expo at the Community College of Beaver County on Saturday, March 10th, where I got the chance to meet Chip Kohser  who runs the Fellowship Foods program that connects local Pennsylvania farmers with local Pennsylvania Eaters.

I was thrilled meeting Chip because I spent a lot of time last summer visiting the local Farmer’s Markets in the South Hills of Pittsburgh and came away with one burning question..

How do we better connect these hard-working farmers and their fresh and nutritious produce with the people in the community that want better food choices for their family?

You have to attend Farmers Markets to see first-hand how hard these farmers work. This is not the typical job and definitely not your typical person.

Fellowships Foods is exactly what our community in the South Hills of Pittsburgh needs.  Actually this is what any community needs,  a  way to connect fresh locally grown farm produce to local residents that love to eat fresh and healthy foods!

Fellowship Foods is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that makes sense!

Did you know that the average American meal travels about 1500 miles to get from farm to your dinner plate?

That is one of the reasons why Fellowship Foods is  such a great resource that should interest everyone!  As our food supply travels further and further to reach us and the use of cancer causing pesticides has gotten out of hand, it’s reasurring to know these hard-working local farmers are still able to grow our fresh and delicious produce, meats and dairy.

  • Let’s Support Our Local Farmers –

How It Works!

Chip’s food boxes are available by subscription and also a la carte. His vegetables and fruit are sold on a subscription basis. Each week you will receive combination of vegetables that are in season at that time.

The subscriptions are equally important to Fellowship Foods and the the local farmers so they can do proper planning to ensure that they can provide you quality products throughout the growing season.

Read Chip Koher’s  Mission Statement –

My Mission is to bring healthy good tasting food from our local farmers to our local eaters. Our emphasis is equally dedicated to supporting our local economy and in providing products that are raised in an environmentally sustainable way.

Last year our customers spent approximately $240,000 on local food. Of which $240,000 stayed right here in Western PA. Let’s see what we can do this year!

Please Visit Chip over at FellowShip Foods to start your subscription for fresh and local foods this summer! Let’s do our part to support our local farmers!


We are going to be working hard to get a drop off point in the South Hills of Pittsburgh, so please let us know if you are interested.

Email Us atDinner@DinnerDelicious.com


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